Flash Drive : Your Portable Personal Health and Wellness Record

Flash Drive : Your Portable Personal Health and Wellness Record

Author: Rebecca S. Busch
Publisher: Medical Business Associates, Inc.

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Are you sick of filling out forms every time you visit a new doctor? Worried that your doctor doesn’t
have all your health information? Overwhelmed by the massive amounts of paperwork? Instead of trying
to recall by memory all of your information – bring it with you!

Personal Healthcare Portfolio, your trusted personal health record is now available on a portable flash drive.
Included on this flash drive:

  • An electronic form of Personal Healthcare Portfolio: Your Personal Health & Wellness Record
  • Insurance and medical request forms
  • A Personal Health Record (PHR) starter kit
  • Storage space for your personal health records

Imagine your health information available anytime and anywhere you need it!
This flash drive fits on a key chain or conveniently in your purse or wallet
and can be plugged directly into your computer for ongoing updates. The drive
is 256 bit data encrypted and password protected, so if you happen to lose it,
your private health information is safe and secure.

If it is stolen or lost, you have the ability to upload the information directly to Medical Business
Associates, Inc.’s secure server, or your own computer. That way, if your data is lost, you’ll have
the option of getting another flash drive and uploading the information to it.

An organized personal health record can be a life saver! Good luck and great health!

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