Pharmaceutical Industry


If that headline does not grab your attention I don’t know what else will. Healthcare professionals rely on information provided by the drug manufacturer when prescribing medications. This header is what you will see today but not back in 1999. The relationship between a drug manufacturer, approvals provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Bad Medicine Isn't What I Need

CBS news has discovered that some doctors are using medicine even Bon Jovi wouldn’t approve of — at least 79 U.S. medical practices have been identified by the federal government as purchasing cancer drugs from foreign or unlicensed suppliers. Foreign Drugs are Illegal These drugs are illegal for doctors to purchase, as they are not

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Medical Errors

FACT – In the past 12 years, the FDA has received more than 95,000 reports of medication errors. These are only the mediation errors that are both discovered AND reported. FACT – One in seven Medicare patients in hospitals experience a medical error. FACT – There is an approximate 98,000 deaths to due medical errors

No Meds? No Way!

They say the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. That is true, but we like to believe other things are ‘certain’ too – like McDonalds will always have fries, the Labor Day MDA telethon will always have Jerry Lewis and hospitals will always have drugs. Well, I don’t know where Jerry went,

Pricey Prescriptions

So why is it consumers are willing to toss the dice and order from non-reputable online pharmacies? The bottom line is our prescription drugs are simply too expensive for the average American.  That, coupled with the fact that other country’s citizens can get the same drugs for less, garners attention and concern from politicians, pharmaceutical

Online Pharmacy Fallacies

Back in the day, everyone went to the Doctor, got a diagnosis, got a prescription and got it filled at a pharmacy. Not so much anymore. Today people thinks they’re Dr. Oz and are shopping for their drugs on the internet. Why? To save money! Here’s the scoop. We are spending more than $200 billion

Dietary Supplements – BEWARE!

We are constantly being bombarded with advertisements for getting in shape with supplements that are going to be the ‘end all, be all cure’ to a life-long habit of hand to mouth excess. Well, if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. The Lure of Dietary Supplements Seriously, it’s easy to succumb

Counterfeit Counter Attack

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1% to 10% of drugs sold world-wide are counterfeit. I think we all assume those counterfeit drugs enter the market through unscrupulous individuals and organized crime. A very valid assumption, but not necessarily always the case.  Even the pharmaceutical giants can make mistakes, as evidenced in these headlines.