Healthcare Reform

Teething Problems for the Affordable Care Act

The already troubled relationship between Republicans and Democrats has been further strained by the launch of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) insurance enrollment websites. The teething problems presented by the unwanted baby in the union have fuelled arguments by the Republicans that the Affordable Care Act is a mistake.

To Obamacare or not to Obamacare, is that the question?

America prides itself as a beacon of democracy the world over. But the US government’s democratic processes have come under immense strain recently, resulting in America being thrown into disarray following a shutdown of non-essential government services at midnight on September 30, 2013. One could equate Congress with a rocky marriage at present; with the

A Healthy Way for Businesses to Cut Costs

Businesses are starting to catch on — preventive health care saves money! Lower Healthcare Costs with Preventive Care The New York Times Sept. 2, 2012 article “Health Care Where You Work” discusses a survey conducted last year by Towers Watson and the National Business Group which found that 23 percent of midsize and large employers

Obamacare wins!

The moment CNN called Ohio for Obama at 10:15 p.m. November 6, the biggest question of the past on what will be the direction of our US healthcare policy was answered: “Obamacare” would not be repealed. Obamacare is considered to be Obama’s crowning achievement of his first term; Mitt Romney vowed to repeal the entire

Uncontrolled Healthcare Spending May be a Good Thing

As the election comes up, healthcare remains one of the primary issues in the debates. While each party has their own opinions about how to revive the nation’s healthcare system, both agree that the current system’s spending cannot be sustained. Yet this same uncapped Medicare and Medicaid spending may have helped keep the middle class

Healthcare Can Be Fixed

One of the most frequent complaints I get about health care today is that it’s too impersonal. Patients don’t feel like people; they feel like numbers or objects. Their physician may rush through the exam as if the patient doesn’t matter, or fail to explain things fully to the patient. Doctor appointments no longer feel

How This Balancing Act Will Leave You Tipped Over

You visit the doctor for a routine exam. The co-pay portion is paid on the spot and you assume that your insurance provider picked-up the balance. The next thing you know, you receive that familiar white envelope in the mail – a bill. But wait – you paid your portion, right? What is Balance Billing?

Don't Forget to Pay the Doctor's Secretary

Patients pay their insurance company to cover medical procedures. The insurance companies make money when the patients are healthy, and the patients don’t pay full value for the medical procedures they do need. Everyone wins. Inadequate Health Insurance Payments Not the doctors. Patients pay and insurance companies reimburse only for procedures provided. Doctors foot the

We've Come A Long Way Baby!

First off, let me wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving!  Things have certainly changed since the Pilgrims first gathered for that historic celebration.  We’ve gone from horses to smart cars, candlelight to energy-efficient light bulbs and hitching-post stores to mega malls. Healthcare has been no stranger to change either.  We’ve come a long

No Meds? No Way!

They say the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. That is true, but we like to believe other things are ‘certain’ too – like McDonalds will always have fries, the Labor Day MDA telethon will always have Jerry Lewis and hospitals will always have drugs. Well, I don’t know where Jerry went,