Fraud Detection and Prevention

Counterfeit Counter Attack

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1% to 10% of drugs sold world-wide are counterfeit. I think we all assume those counterfeit drugs enter the market through unscrupulous individuals and organized crime. A very valid assumption, but not necessarily always the case.  Even the pharmaceutical giants can make mistakes, as evidenced in these headlines.

It’s About Time!

Finally. Yes, finally, the government has acknowledged its limitations and turned to the private sector to help it address escalating Medicare costs. Currently $2.2 trillion is spent on healthcare, and it is estimated that $100 billion is lost in waste and fraud within the Medicare system. Ouch. With considerable help from several very big (small)

Your Wallets Stolen, What’s next?

Your wallet is gone and you immediately call your credit card company to report your credit cards are missing (with their thousand dollar limits).  Did you also call your insurance company about your Medical ID (with its $1 million limit)?   Medical identity theft is now considered to be one of the fastest growing crimes in