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Bags Are Packed and Ready to Go, But Are You?

Passport –  √

Slimming black pants – √

Liquids in 1 quart bag – √

All packed – √     NOT SO FAST!  You aren’t finished packing.

Traveling with Your Prescriptions

Where are your medications?  Do you have enough to last your entire trip? People, this is so important.  You need to bring enough of your prescription and over-the-counter medications with you, especially when traveling abroad.  Margaret A. Hamburg (FDA commissioner) estimates between 30% – 50% of medicines sold in developing countries may be counterfeit.  Don’t overlook the industrialized countries, it’s happening there too. We like to think the world is full of nice people, and it is.  But there are those that have lost their moral compass and are just looking to make a buck with pseudo-drugs.

Counterfeit drugs are products that are made with inactive, incorrect or harmful ingredients. These drugs are made to look like the ‘real’ deal. Down to the packaging and labeling, but they are ineffective, or even worse, harmful to your health. Why take the risk? Always pack your medications and bring them with you when traveling.

Tips for If You Run Out of Your Prescription Drugs While Traveling

If, for some unforeseen circumstance, you run out of your meds while abroad there are steps you can take to help ensure you are getting the bona fide prescription.

1.      Carry a copy of your prescription with you, including brand and generic name, and manufacturer name.

2.      Buy medicines only from licensed pharmacies.

3.      Verify with the pharmacist the active ingredient is the same as the one in the drug you had been taking.

4.      Look closely at the packaging.  Make sure it is an original package of good quality.

If you suspect your drugs are counterfeit, here are a few clues that might indicate you are right.

1.      You aren’t getting a normal result or typical relief.

2.      Your medication has a strange smell, taste or color.

3.      Pills or capsules that break apart easily.

4.      It is in a poor quality package, or a package with misspelled labels.

5.      And, is significantly cheaper than normal.

Buying a counterfeit Gucci is one thing.  Buying a counterfeit drug is a whole other bag!

So, do yourself a favor and add your medications to your list – √

Thanks for reading!

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Rebecca Busch

adminBags Are Packed and Ready to Go, But Are You?

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