October 2013

Teething Problems for the Affordable Care Act

The already troubled relationship between Republicans and Democrats has been further strained by the launch of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) insurance enrollment websites. The teething problems presented by the unwanted baby in the union have fuelled arguments by the Republicans that the Affordable Care Act is a mistake.

The quagmire of The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (PPACA) does not impede the need to deal with health, wellness and death for those on the front line of patient care

As congress, advocacy groups and policy initiators continue to unravel the implementation of and/or tweaking of healthcare policy it needs to be kept in mind that living breathing people have decisions to make NOW on their health. They can’t wait for these groups to get their act together. This reality really struck home one evening

To Obamacare or not to Obamacare, is that the question?

America prides itself as a beacon of democracy the world over. But the US government’s democratic processes have come under immense strain recently, resulting in America being thrown into disarray following a shutdown of non-essential government services at midnight on September 30, 2013. One could equate Congress with a rocky marriage at present; with the