Hospital Accuses Parents of Stealing Their Baby

When we admit our children into a hospital do we relinquish our custodial rights as parents? As a mother of three, the first thing on my mind when arriving to the hospital in labor was the anticipation of the safe delivery of my child.  Even for me, a woman well versed in the quagmire of

A Healthy Way for Businesses to Cut Costs

Businesses are starting to catch on — preventive health care saves money! Lower Healthcare Costs with Preventive Care The New York Times Sept. 2, 2012 article “Health Care Where You Work” discusses a survey conducted last year by Towers Watson and the National Business Group which found that 23 percent of midsize and large employers

Obamacare wins!

The moment CNN called Ohio for Obama at 10:15 p.m. November 6, the biggest question of the past on what will be the direction of our US healthcare policy was answered: “Obamacare” would not be repealed. Obamacare is considered to be Obama’s crowning achievement of his first term; Mitt Romney vowed to repeal the entire

Happy Doctors make for sound medical advice!

At some point in their life, many people have heard the phrase “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day.” Passion driven individuals, those that thrive on an intellectual challenge, have that “thing” that makes them go. They tend to “do” for the sake of their passion versus “work.”  For some, this advice

Uncontrolled Healthcare Spending May be a Good Thing

As the election comes up, healthcare remains one of the primary issues in the debates. While each party has their own opinions about how to revive the nation’s healthcare system, both agree that the current system’s spending cannot be sustained. Yet this same uncapped Medicare and Medicaid spending may have helped keep the middle class

Healthcare Fraud's Most Wanted

The “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list has been in existence since March 14, 1950 when a reporter asked the FBI for the names and descriptions of the “toughest guys” the Bureau would like to capture. 154 fugitives have been captured or located as a result of citizen cooperation. The list made these fugitives famous, making

When Politics Trumps Healthcare

Americans haven’t worried about polio for a long time; vaccines have effectively eliminated the disease in America and much of the rest of the world. However, there are three countries that are still facing polio epidemics: Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. Global Polio Eradication Initiative Plans to Vaccinate The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, partners with UNICEF

Healthcare Can Be Fixed

One of the most frequent complaints I get about health care today is that it’s too impersonal. Patients don’t feel like people; they feel like numbers or objects. Their physician may rush through the exam as if the patient doesn’t matter, or fail to explain things fully to the patient. Doctor appointments no longer feel

Bad Medicine Isn't What I Need

CBS news has discovered that some doctors are using medicine even Bon Jovi wouldn’t approve of — at least 79 U.S. medical practices have been identified by the federal government as purchasing cancer drugs from foreign or unlicensed suppliers. Foreign Drugs are Illegal These drugs are illegal for doctors to purchase, as they are not

Celebrities Selling Shampoo, Credit Cards, and Disease Awareness?

Since radio stars started hawking products in the 30s and sports heroes began dominating the front of Wheaties cereal boxes in 1958, stars have advertised all sorts of products. Nearly every commercial break on television features at least one celebrity endorsing a product or service. Tina Fey graces hair dye commercials, William Shatner offers the